In this television advertisement, a client in a restaurant sugars his beard with whipped cream. Although it resembles shaving cream, it is not, it comes out of a sugar pot (think Sloche, white and sugary). Anyway, regardless of the resemblance, we all know that shaving cream is inedible.

The opera song we hear in the television advertisement is, The Barber of Seville, by Rossini.

Why use the slogan, Mange de la barbe (Eat your beard)? It’s the action that we see in the television ad (a bearded man eats his own beard), it is depicted in poster ads and visuals: hairy cones, sundaes, hot dogs and poutine – a French Canadian tradition – and in the web campaign,

The T.V. and poster ads entice boys and girls to “manger de la barbe” (eat beard). On the Sloche website,, it’s each beard for his own: the champion of the beard eaters will win a hand crafted, single edition warrior belt that is covered in hair. On the website, participants will be able to create their own bearded character and play against other beards in the online tournament – the goal being to get the longest beard.

At the end of the contest, the player with the most points was awarded a Championship Belt made of hair, which we made by hand.


Direction: Thibaut Duverneix

Art direction: Mathieu Léger

Conception of the warrior belt : Mathieu Léger and Amandine Daviet

Cinematographer: Christophe Colette

Client: Couche-Tard

Agency: DentsuBos