20 scenarios depicted over 35 screens illustrate the different forms of live performance shown at the venue. While each screen has a specific action, the content often merges and interacts with a neighboring screen. Gravity is distorted and proportions are exaggerated, placing the viewer in a surreal landscape of performance.

Like in the video installation, the music is a patchwork, a hybrid made from disparate elements – strings, voice, guitar, sanza, syths, drum, piano… – deconstructed and reassembled in order to create an audio ambiance which lives in harmony with the visuals.

Disjointed and playful, this is an installation that moves or amuses you, or even better, both at the same time.
A musical tram leads the eyes and the attention, and is indispensable to the coherence of the installation as a whole.


Direction: Thibaut Duverneix

Conception: Thibaut Duverneix / Mathieu Léger

Artistic Direction: Mathieu Léger

Music: David Drury and Christian Olsen

Cinematographer: Bobby Shore

Production: Sach Baylin-Stern

Client: La Place Des Arts