Promotional campaign for MUTEK,  an International festival of digital creativity and electronic music.

While they have a dedicated fan base, public participation was not scaling at the rate that organizers wanted. Our mandate was to help attract a younger audience and make the festival more broadly inviting. We developed a marketing campaign consisting of humorous videos showing people trying to recreate their first Mutek experience at home.

We used “You never forget your first time” as the campaign theme. Our goal was to connect a very personal and common human experience and make it meaningful in the context of an electronic music festival. Video clips were designed to be offbeat and absurd in order to attract “first timers”, as well as preserving the loyalty of their existing fan base.


Direction: Thibaut Duverneix

Conception: Dpt. / Mathieu Léger

Art direction and costume design : Mathieu Léger

Cinematographer: Gabriel Brault Tardif

Client: Mutek

Production: Dpt.