A participative mobile phone game played on a big screen for up to 50 players. Users call in to build their critter and control its movements through voice and mobile interaction.

Peptone uses rich, textured layers to transform digital screens into an interactive ecosystem. Monsters are built from a large library of facial features, body particles, and animated behaviours.

Users scream into their phone to survive in the game. The volume of the user’s voice replenishes energy and provides a speed boost. However, loud noises also attract the virus, which threatens to gobble up energy if it touches your character. Users have to find the right pitch and volume to be successful in the game and beat their opponent.

“OK, so it makes for some noisy gaming and it doesn’t quite have the subtle complexities, or competitiveness, of the online multiplayer world, but it’s interesting to see these sort of installation/game hybrids taking shape, along with incorporating mobile phones as a user interface. And perhaps best of all, it’s a great excuse to scream in public.”
A Multiplayer Game Installation That’s Controlled By Shouting – The Creators Project, Mar 17 2011.
“Peptone was recently on display in Montreal, where an estimated 900 phone calls from 400 unique players—it supports up to 50 players at once—created and controlled in-game creatures with the sounds of their screaming.”
Peptone, The Game That’s Controlled By Shouting – Kotaku, Mar 21 2011.


Conception: Dpt. / Mathieu Léger

Artistic direction: Mathieu Léger

Production: Dpt.

Sound Design: Chris Olsen


Nuit Blanche
Place des Arts, Montreal
Feb 2011

FILE Festival
SESI Gallery, São Paulo
Jul 2011

Festival Temps d’Images
Usine C, Montreal
Apr-May 2012